When you’re feeling lonely, don’t take yourself too seriously – there’s a lot of romance online

The internet can be a very lonely place.

In fact, according to a new study, online dating and social networking sites have become such a common part of modern life that loneliness can be felt.

A new study has found that loneliness is one of the most common feelings people experience online.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Edinburgh, found that for most people, loneliness was the biggest problem with online dating, as it’s the most difficult to escape from when it comes to the online world. 

Loneliness is often described as a feeling of being lost in the internet, which is a common feeling for many people, but the new research found that many people struggle with it too. 

According to the study, loneliness is “one of the top causes of dissatisfaction” for most online dating profiles. 

The study found that the most popular reason people were unhappy with their online dating profile was the lack of someone to talk to online, and for the majority of people, the online experience was the most negative. 

“It can be difficult for people to escape loneliness when they are in a relationship, so loneliness is a serious issue for many,” said Professor Susan O’Brien, one of lead authors of the study.

“Our study suggests that loneliness contributes to the dissatisfaction of a lot more people than we thought.” 

Researchers found that people who were lonely in the dating world were often the ones who felt the most stressed and dissatisfied with their relationship.

“Many people are lonely in their online relationship, which can have serious psychological and social consequences,” said Dr Susan Ollman, lead author of the new study. 

Online dating is a huge part of the modern dating world, but it can also be a lonely one, as people struggle to find someone to chat with online, or to meet up for dinner.

Dr Ollmans study found loneliness among singles was “more prevalent than it is for married couples, but not necessarily more common than for single adults”.

“In short, the relationship experience of lonely people is more stressful and less positive than it was for married and single adults,” she said.

“The lonely experience is also associated with poorer social functioning and feelings of anxiety and depression.” 

According for the study conducted by the University’s Institute for Social Psychology, loneliness can lead to negative health outcomes.

“Loneliness can have negative effects on physical and mental health, and the negative effects of loneliness can last for many years,” Dr O’Connor said. 

More from Business Insider: “Loneliness and stress can make people feel powerless, lonely and sad.” 

“There is little research that directly links loneliness to depression, but loneliness is linked to feelings of hopelessness, low self-esteem, and feelings that others treat you poorly.”

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