How to watch ‘Psycho’ online in China online

Chinese movie-watching sites have taken to social media to share tips on how to watch the latest film online in Chinese online viewing habits.

The government is cracking down on online viewing to curb rampant online pornography and gambling.

The latest crackdown on viewing pornography came on Sunday when police raided the Beijing theater that had been the most popular online destination for watching films in the country.

It is also the only Chinese theater where visitors can purchase tickets to see films online, although many Chinese have been able to get tickets by using an app.

Online viewing has become a hot topic of discussion in China, where people have been venting their frustrations over a decade-long crackdown on online gambling and online pornography.

Many online gambling sites are now shut down and users are barred from accessing any online gambling site, while pornography and pornography-related content has been blocked in the Chinese mainland.