‘Racist’ troll calls for ‘white genocide’

Online troll calls on internet to ‘black genocide’ after killing of Cecil the Lion online article Online trolls are making the internet their own playground and have turned it into a platform for racists, a report has revealed.

The UK-based organisation, the Centre for Internet and Society, has been monitoring the internet since 2009 and released its findings today (April 29).

The report states that online trolling has become the new way of getting people to agree with racist and xenophobic views.

In a statement, the organisation said the trolls are using the internet to spread their racist beliefs.

“Online trolling is the new form of ‘black-listing’, whereby individuals are warned that they are a potential target for hate speech if they do not conform to certain social and political norms,” the organisation stated.

“The trolls use online platforms to promote their racist views and to further propagate their racist ideas, often by retweeting racist posts.”

The organisation said that in some cases, trolls were using the platform to recruit new members.

“Their goal is to create an online community where they can spread their vile and dangerous ideas, and where the community can become more active and organised,” the report states.

“They are also often using the platforms to organise to organise protests or to engage in violent acts.”‘

The internet is racist’The trolls are known for their trolling tactics, but what do they actually do?

The group said they use the platform “to organise for the destruction of other communities or communities they believe to be inherently less than human”, and also to recruit supporters.

“We see this as a tactic of mass recruitment to justify and spread their bigotry,” the group stated.’

The whole thing is racist’: The internet is the ‘new form of black-listING’The report said that the trolls were not just targeting people on the internet, but also those in the wider world.

“This type of trolling has often involved spreading messages that seek to delegitimise other groups, such as women, immigrants, and people of colour, and in some instances even target those targeted for targeted harassment by the trolls,” the CIS said.

“Trolls also use online forums to recruit others who share their racist worldview.

These communities can be broadly defined as communities that are not inclusive of a broad range of viewpoints, and which are therefore at risk of being excluded from online spaces.”‘

They have no idea how to operate online’: The trolls are ‘the new form’ of blacklistingThe report found that the troll is able to reach “extremist ends”.

“In some cases trolls have used online platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit to promote hate speech and to recruit followers,” the document stated.

The report also stated that the internet is increasingly becoming a platform where trolls have the ability to “create communities that share their hatred”.

“These communities can become broader in scope, and therefore more inclusive of viewpoints not already part of a larger community,” the statement said.’

This is not the internet’: The trolling is ‘the old form’What do the experts think?

“The internet can be used for the same purpose as blacklists: to spread and legitimise racist ideas,” a spokesman for the Cis told News24.

“Blacklists are used by hate groups to ensure that their voices are not heard and that they have the freedom to advocate hateful views, including racism.”

“We have seen the rise of trolls on Twitter and other social media platforms and their use of the internet for recruitment and to spread hate speech.

The internet as a platform can be the new ‘form’ of blacklisting.””

It is important that people are aware of how the internet can and does function as a place of recruitment and recruitment of hate groups,” he said.

The organisation, which is currently monitoring over 500 million users on the platform, said it was investigating more than 100 cases of racist content being posted.

“These cases have shown that online trolls can use the internet as an outlet to promote and disseminate racist ideas.

We are monitoring these cases and we are working with the law enforcement authorities to identify and prosecute individuals who engage in these activities,” the spokesman added.