The movie stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Aishwar – and Nitesh Kapoor – Akshay Kumar – to screen online in India

The movie casted by actress Aishwalika Bhattacharya will be online in the country on January 6.

Aishwary Rai Bachchans husband, Niteshi Kapoor will play Kedarnatha, the father of two.

The movie, which will be streamed online, is based on the novel of the same name by Satish Chandra Bhattacarya.

The film is about a family who is stranded on a remote island, where their life is a constant struggle.

Bollywood actor Aishwas Bhattochar, a director of films such as ‘Sons of the Desert’ and ‘Auntie’s Wedding’, will also be involved in the film.

Bhattechar is a veteran of Bollywood movies such as Bhavani (2006) and Kaam Tambi (2010).

The director will also produce the film, which is based upon a screenplay by Bhattacha.

The movie has been released in cinemas since July 18.

The director’s brother-in-law Niteshar Singh Bhattichar said, “This is a dream project that I’ve been working on for some time and have worked hard on.

I have been working with my brother-inspector, Keshav Das Gupta, to make the film in the best manner possible.

He is also the creative producer.

We are thrilled to announce this collaboration.”

The film is a remake of a Hindi movie titled Kedarka.

The Kedavas’ story is similar to that of the Kedars of today.

The story is about Kedarthi, a man who lives on a small island where his family is forced to live.

Kedar is an animal lover and his love for animals makes him very protective of them.

He was born a Kedari.

Kedar was rescued from a forest and is now an orphan.

He wants to find his family.

The two go to a village and find the Kedar, but they are taken away by an angry mob.

The next day, they discover a human body in the river.

They try to get the body back but are chased by a ferocious tiger.

They run to the forest and are rescued by a small boy.

A boy, Kedwar, comes to rescue them and Kedar and the boy, who is named Ked, start a fight.

The tiger is killed by Kedar.

The boy’s father is very angry.

Kedar, now a child, is a very kind child who wants to do good deeds for his village.

He starts to love animals.

He saves animals from the wild and brings them to the village.

His brother, Kedarwal, is also a very brave boy who has been living with the tiger and has to be rescued by Kedkar.

The family moves to a small village.

They live there and Kedhar has to get used to living with animals.

Eventually, Kedi is adopted by the villagers.

Kedi is very smart.

He likes to play the drums, which he makes by throwing water into the water.

He also likes to eat vegetables.

The villagers also help him to play with animals in the forest.

Kedi gets a big appetite.

He runs away from home and starts to live with animals again.

He takes shelter in the animal sanctuary.

Kudiyat, who has always been with Kedi, gets a job as a shepherd.

Keshwal takes a job in the temple.

Keshwar and Kedi’s mother, Nita, are very happy.

Kedshwar loves playing music, and he sings to Kedi.

He has always loved the singing.

Nita also loves the singing, too.

They are very attached to each other.

They both sing songs in their voices.

They make a big family.

The Kedawars are now a happy family.

Akshaya is the most important man in the family.

He loves Kedi and sings to him often.

He works hard to provide for his family and loves to play music with his friends.

Kedyat is also very proud of his father.

He plays the drums every day.

He always plays music.

The songs of the animals that are in the sanctuary always make him happy.

Kudiyatt, the youngest, is very shy and is always nervous around Kedi because of his shyness.

Kodeekar, who was very timid in the past, gets over his shyeness.

Kadi, the oldest, is extremely happy and is very proud and loves Keshwari.

Nisha is very happy and plays the guitar very often.

Nissa is very strong.

He’s a very good musician.

Kadi loves the Kedsheks and loves his mother very much.

He enjoys singing and dancing with the animals.

Nida is very sad because her mother has died

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