The Jerusalem Police: We’ve arrested a hacker for shooting movie online

Police arrested a man in the Old City on Monday for hacking into an online movie streaming service and uploading videos of himself shooting a movie, police said.

The man, who is being investigated by the Jerusalem Police, was taken to the Haifa Hospital for treatment after he was shot at around 10:40 p.m. local time, said police spokeswoman Luba Samri.

The arrest was the first of its kind in Israel and was the latest in a series of incidents against hackers in recent months.

In January, police arrested a cyber criminal for hacking a website to release videos of people he believed to be dead, and in August they arrested a 31-year-old hacker for allegedly releasing videos of Israelis killed in the Gaza Strip.

Samri did not give further details about the hacker or what charges he might face.

In a statement on Monday, the Jerusalem police said that the man arrested on Monday had been the target of an ongoing investigation into hacking at an Israeli film company that specializes in movies and was working on an online streaming service that would allow the user to watch movies and TV shows at the same time.

“The police were aware of the man’s alleged activity, and he was arrested as part of an investigation into the matter,” Samri said.

In January, Israel’s attorney general said that he had requested the arrest of a hacker in the northern city of Ramallah who he said was working for a group of Israeli activists and that the hacker had hacked into a website belonging to a local NGO, The Times of Israel reported.

In February, the Israel Police arrested two men in Jerusalem who they said were members of the hacker group known as CyberBattles, the Times of Ireland reported.

In August, police in Israel arrested a 28-year old man who they claimed was working with the hacker.

CyberBargains claimed responsibility for the hack, which it said was done to promote Israel as a free society.

Cyberbattles denied involvement.

The Israeli military said in September that hackers in the country’s northern region of the Golan Heights had hacked the website of a government agency in an attempt to disrupt a planned visit by an Israeli prime minister to Jordan.

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