How ‘The Gambler’ won a film festival but not a Oscar nomination

“The Gamblers” is one of the most successful American films of all time, a film that, while it was never nominated for an Oscar, was nominated for six.

Its director, Matt Damon, won Best Picture and an Academy Award.

And it was the second-highest-grossing film of all-time, coming in third place.

But it didn’t win an Academy award, and it hasn’t won an Oscar since 2008.

Matt Damon was the one who had the vision, and Matt Damon had the charisma.

But the movie itself didn’t live up to his lofty expectations, and so it was scrapped.

“The film was supposed to be a celebration of the best in American cinema, and for some reason the script was so incoherent, so poorly thought-out, that it didn, in fact, not only fail to fulfill its promise but was actually a failure to the public at large,” says Matt Damon.

“It wasn’t meant to be the film it turned out to be.

I think that was probably the biggest disappointment in my life.”

The director says he was a little embarrassed by the result, which he described as “really poor” and “boring”.

But he is grateful for the Academy’s support, which allowed him to go on to work on “The Martian”, which was nominated last year for best picture.

In his book, “The Best of Matt Damon”, Matt Damon tells how, after “The Hangover” was nominated, he and his wife and their daughter decided to go back to LA to shoot “The Greatest Movie Ever Made”.

“We’d never been to the movies, so we figured it would be a good way to start off.

We had all the money in the world, and we just didn’t know how to get there,” he says.

But he and Damon decided to take a trip to the West Coast, where he met a woman who had made a fortune as an entrepreneur, and they moved in with her.

They built a business and built a home together, and then, as Damon told the New York Times, he thought, “I’ve had enough.

I’m going to quit”.

But the woman convinced him to stay, and he ended up producing “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

“I got a call from my agent.

He said, ‘We have to talk.

We have to make a deal.’

And I said, Well, I’ll make a decision tomorrow, but first I have to go to the studio and make a pitch,” he said.

Damon was in talks for a movie in Los Angeles, but his agent persuaded him to take another look at his career.

“I went to LA and got a chance to make the film I had been so passionate about.

And I was completely blown away,” he recalled.

After “The Great Gatsby” came out in 1939, Damon made another film, “Temptation”, which earned $1.8 million in the United States.

But by the time “The Gatsfield Massacre” was released in 1947, he was gone.

“In retrospect, I think I was pretty much done with acting,” he admitted.

He later wrote an autobiography called “The Passion of the Christ”.

And he was asked to appear on television for his role in “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”.

“I’d been in my mid-40s when I was doing all of these things, and I’d become a father and I was getting older and I felt like my time was running out,” he told the Guardian.

“And I thought, What am I doing?

What am you doing with me?

Why am I not doing this?

And I really did feel like I was done with it.

And the idea of the American Dream is that you can make your own fortune, that you get a chance, and you get to work your way up to something bigger.

I thought I was ready to give up, and that’s why I decided to make ‘The Great Gambler’.”

The film came out just as the Depression was beginning to hit, and Damon says it gave him a chance at “having a life again”.

But it also “put me in a position where I needed to do something else.”

He had another role to make, “a huge movie that was set in Africa, but I didn’t feel I was good enough for that.

I needed more experience.

I wanted to be able to make movies in Africa.

And that’s when I met [actor] Al Pacino.

And we bonded immediately.”

In “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, he played the Wicked Witch of the West, and the two have remained close for years.

In 2014, he married actress Mia Farrow.

“We’re really close,” he tells the Guardian, but he says that they haven’t been able to talk about their marriage.

“You know, you can’t talk about marriage

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