Which movies are on Netflix in India?

The streaming giant has launched the first-ever India edition of its popular Hindi-language movies on the streaming platform.

The movies are available on the platform in several Indian languages.

In addition, the company will soon roll out a video app called India Movies.

The company announced on Tuesday that it had launched the Indian edition of the popular Hindi movie site MovieSpot.com on the app.

The app, which is not yet live, is a new way to find movies in Indian languages in the company’s search engine.

The company also said that India will become the first country to have an app for all the major languages of the world.

The movie site will be available for users to watch movies in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Marathwada, Kutchi, Oriya, Pashto and Marathi.

It will also be available in Spanish, Korean, French, Chinese, Russian and Russian-speakers.

India, which has a population of more than 1.3 billion, is one of the fastest growing markets for Netflix.

It had more than 40 million subscribers in the first half of 2017.

The country had more online video subscribers in April 2017 than any other country, according to data from Statista.

The latest data shows that India accounted for a third of all video-streaming traffic in India, followed by China and the United States.

The movie company said that the new app will be updated to include a new feature in the next few days that will allow users to search for movies by title and content.

In the future, the search engine will also allow users with limited bandwidth to find and watch movies for free.

The feature is being rolled out by India’s National Digital Service Authority (NDSA), which is the country’s digital regulator.

The NDSA also plans to roll out an app that will provide more details about movies, including where they are available, when they are released and the actors behind them.

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