Theatrical trailer for ‘Atlas Shrugged’: A ‘fiercely original and original-sounding film’

ESPN’s official website announced a trailer for the upcoming release of the movie Atlas Shrugged, starring Jack Nicholson as the protagonist. 

The film is set in the future where an elite corporation, Atlas Pharmaceuticals, has created a new drug to cure cancer. 

According to the trailer, Nicholson plays the “CEO of Atlas Pharmaceutical and the most powerful man in the world.” 

The trailer shows Nicholson in the company’s headquarters, and we see him in his role as a CEO in the film.

Nicholson also plays the director of the film, who explains to the viewer that “atlas is the most important company in the history of humanity.

And now you are a part of it.”

The trailer also shows the company building a futuristic laboratory that is capable of producing a new cancer drug. 

Nicholson has played the protagonist in other films, including The Great Gatsby, American Beauty, The Dark Knight Rises and The King’s Speech.

He recently signed on to play the lead in The Matrix Reloaded.

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