What you need to know about the $10.4 billion deal to bring AMC movies online to Netflix subscribers

A blockbuster deal announced Tuesday between Netflix and AMC Networks could make it easier for the company to stream its own movies and TV shows.

But it could also add pressure on Netflix and its own distributors to move faster, as Netflix has a lot of time left to get its streaming service on the Apple Watch.

“It’s really about Netflix, because they’ve got this huge catalog of content that they have to get to their subscribers,” said Andrew Nelms, the chief executive of EntertainmentOne, a media and entertainment consulting firm.

“It’s going to be the biggest deal of all time in terms of content, and there’s no one that can do it better.”

The deal is the latest twist in Netflix’s long-term strategy of building a subscriber base that is increasingly likely to come from streaming.

It is also a major concession by Netflix to the demand for its own content.

The deal will bring the company’s digital catalog, including the latest releases from the biggest movies, TV shows and shows, to the Apple TV, making it easier to stream and share on a TV.

Netflix will also add AMC’s streaming service to its platform.

The announcement comes on the heels of a deal that will also bring AMC Networks to the streaming platform.

The streaming service has been available only to Apple devices since June 2017.

It also allows users to access movies, television shows and other content on Netflix through the Apple ecosystem.

The Netflix deal comes after years of pressure from Apple to stream movies and other shows in its own ecosystem.

It will also help ease the pressure on the companies’ distributors, which have struggled to deliver streaming titles to Apple’s devices and have often been outpaced by Netflix.

The deal could add pressure as Netflix struggles to keep up with Amazon’s recent rollout of its streaming app.

The latest move by Netflix came after a similar deal that saw the company give up some of its own streaming content to Apple for the service.

Last month, Netflix said it would allow Apple to include movies and shows from its streaming catalog on its own Apple TV streaming platform and that it would make a subscription-based streaming service available for Apple TV.

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