What do you think about the latest movie about Thappad?

The latest movie from filmmaker Justin Kurzel stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a former NBA player who tries to rebuild his life after a gruesome car accident leaves him with a prosthetic leg and a scarred leg that must be amputated.

The movie opens with Johnson’s character Thappadin (the former NBA star who became a “freestyle basketball player”) taking a flight to a new home after a brutal car accident, where he must learn how to walk again.

Thappadin’s new leg, a prosthesis that allows him to walk on two legs, is a dream come true for Johnson, who plays the actor in the movie.

It is his way of trying to help others, and in return he has a lot to offer the people around him.

When the movie opens, Johnson’s story is a familiar one.

After the accident, Thappidin was paralyzed from the waist down.

He had to learn to walk without his prosthetic.

And that meant a lot of time spent with his mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

He lost his wife and daughter to MS and the prosthetic left him in a deep emotional state.

He eventually broke down in front of his mother.

That day, he had a stroke and had to spend the next few years at home recovering.

In the film, Johnson has a great relationship with his new prosthetic and its owner, a woman named Margo.

Margo has no idea how Thappidan’s prosthetic came to be, and he doesn’t tell her.

She is shocked when he tells her.

Mandy, who is a very special person, has a hard time letting go of her prosthetic, which is made of real leather.

It is a movie that shows Thappadan in a different light, with a different story.

The film focuses on the rehabilitation of the prosthetist’s wife, who was left to her own devices.

Margo is not the only one to struggle with her own disability, but she is also a remarkable woman who has an incredible love of her daughter, who can be found in the film’s final scenes.

It shows how Margo, who once had her leg removed because she couldn’t stand up, is trying to give back to the people who care about her.

While it may not be a traditional movie, the way the story is told and the way Thappadic is treated are very much in keeping with the reality of the amputation.

The movie tells a story about a man who lost both of his legs and how he rebuilds his life.

While the movie is not about prosthetics in general, it does explore prosthetics and how they can be used for a lot more than just limb amputation, and it shows the value of the human body.

The way it is presented and handled also is a message of acceptance.

The story also focuses on how the amputated limbs can serve as a catalyst for people to change their behaviors, and this is important in a society where a lot has been done to stigmatize the amputator.

While this movie may not have been what the industry had in mind, it is a reminder that prosthetics are not the end of the story, and the best way to treat them is to make them part of the person.

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